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Magazine / Journal
The Maria Callas International Club
The first number of the digital Maria Callas Quarterly Journal has been issued in April 2024, see Cover:  PDF

The next issue will appear in early July 2024.

The Club has published an illustrated Maria Callas Magazine three times a year in the English language.In the period September 1990 to December 2023 the Club issued 100 numbers.

A number of the printed back numbers of the Magazines are still available. However, all 100 issues of the Magazine are available as a PDF. Please find an Overview of all covers and contact us for prices and payment.

Please contact us for prices and payment. For the contents of our magazines: Index Special articles from our magazines: Articles

From 2024 onwards a new Club periodical, the Maria Callas Quarterly Journal will be issued. This Journal is in colour and will be sent digitally to members after each quarter.

There are also medals about Maria Callas,
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Photographs of Maria Callas:
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See below the cover of the printed Magazine, No 100.


Special Club DVD for members.

For storage of the Magazines in boxes special stickers are avaible.
Price for a set of nine stickers: 10 pound (US $ 20) (euro 15)
Stickers are avaible from:
Karl van Zoggel

See reproduction below.




The Maria Callas International Club,
founded in September 1990.

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